So I've been thinking about getting an Aum (Om) tattoo?

And I don't know if tattooing a sacred symbol would be considered offensive to strong believers of that faith. To be clear, I'm not looking at getting it to show it off or try to look cool- I would like to get it as a tribute to a beautiful idea and as a daily affirmation, so this is a completely personal thing. But because this tattoo is going to be in a very visible place (my forearm, so I can always look at it when I need my affirmation and perhaps inspire others) I don't want a Hindu or Buddhist to become personally offended when they see it.

So is it 'allowed' to have such a tattoo?

You guys suck.


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  • your body.. your tattoo... your choice...

    • That's my general view about all of my tattoo decisions, but I'm particularly sensitive to the beliefs of others. I try to avoid deeply offending people in that aspect.

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    • Well it's not like I had a choice, but you're welcome. Lol

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  • As far as I know those religions aren't too precious about things like that - If you are wearing it as a form of spiritual awareness, they would probably appreciate it.


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