GAGers: What do you think is the worst or most useless college major?

And state why that is with facts, not just hearsay from your friends' friends who majored in that.

So none of that "*Insert major* is the worst/most useless because my friend who's majoring in it says so" bullshit.


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  • Women's Studies.
    It's nothing against women, its that it should fall into the area of sociology or history, rather than its own degree. Practically no use for it that I know of. If someone could explain some practical applications of Women's Studies to me, I'd be interested in knowing.

    • I can see it being useful if you were to become like an author, a blogger, or a teacher/professor. That's me going out on a limb here though.

    • It just seems a bit too specific for a single degree. It would be like a major that focused on a single book rather than literature as a whole, I couldn't take someone seriously with this major. lol

    • Never heard of that :/ its sounds like a medical thing with "studies"

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  • Pretty much any arts major. Music, art, writing, underwater basket weaving... Like COULD they be profitable enough majors to pay back your student loans? Maybe. Are they likely to be? Probably not.

    I have one friend who has a masters in writing and they're stuck working in a grocery store bakery. Another friend has her bachelors in vocal performance and her masters in art management or something so she could manage a theater or a group or whatever but she's stuck working in a horrible call center AND a second job in retail just to make ends meet.

    Even sociology is a better major than something in the arts these days.

  • English or literature. Like, what are you going to do with that? You can't even really teach with it.

    • Someone told me English was good for real estate and business :<

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    • The only option out of the ones that I listed that you don't use directly is for going to law school. But everything else you CAN use directly.

    • Teaching is very broad: you can be teaching elementary school (English would not be used directly for about 80% of your day). English and literature majors are not trained in creating content, only in analyzing and dissecting it. Neither skill is particularly useful to an author or a journalist.

  • I can't think of a worst or most useless college major. If I was forced to choose I would say chemistry because few of my relatives who have majored on chemistry haven't accomplished anything with it, as a result I was discouraged by mom & aunt to not study chemistry.


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  • In my opinion, I'd say it's an art major. The reason being that there aren't many reputable, stable or secure lines of work to find with that degree.

    • I can see that being the case if one were to only major in art, but it could lead to lucrative jobs/opportunities if you double major or at least minor in a business-related major.

    • Well yes that is possible, but like you said I menat if someone only majored in art.