Does a guy like you if he asks if you’re coming out?

Like let’s say there’s a school event and everyone’s going. Does he want you to come if he asks if you are, or just being friendly?

I think he knows I have both no friends nad am miserable, so he was trying to be nice.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Good chance he likes you

    • But I think he feels pity for me.

      Plus he brought it up as conversation; he was first asking about something related to his votes, (he was running for president), then later asked if I'm coming out.

      I know it sounds crazy but guys are good at mainpulating girls. Maybe he thought I'd vote for him if he was being nice I don't know.

What Girls Said 1

  • he probably does.

    • I always used to look so terrible and sad, I was likely hideous. No joke.
      I can’t imagine anyone liking me at that point in time.
      Moreover, maybe it was just pity. He seemed like a relatively nice guy.