How do you feel about this pitiful story of an 8 year old boy abusively beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend?

My thoughts: I'm sick and tired of constantly having to have my tax dollars being wasted on and abused by such lowest scumbags like this heartless bitch of a "mother" and her cowardly boyfriend.

  • This had me in so much tears. :(
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  • This made me tearful and very angry at the sametime.
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  • This made me super furious. >:(
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  • I have no feelings for this at all.
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It's too bad the US hardly ever gives abusive parents capital punishment.


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  • It boils my blood to see kids go through that ordeal. The mother is a monstrosity to life she should burn in hell. If I was that teacher I would've went straight to his mothers house and fuck her up. Why would you want to pick on a little kid? They're defenseless its time for a change. But how?

    • Not only would I rip off that that cunt abusive mother's head off, I'd do the same to her cowardly boyfriend too for participating in the abuse with her.

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    • Not sure what they're current state is but all I know is that they're held in custody while the DA and many others addresses the court that they want the death penalty on both the mother and her boyfriend.
      Here's what I've found so far.

    • I hope they get what they deserve...

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  • I'm hella mad!!! people like that, should never have kids... Like poor little boy :'( ... Why have kids? If you can't love them or protect them? ... May this boy rest in peace...

    • I'm starting to be given the impression that the US has always been a pro-abusive parent and anti-children country. Abusive parents almost get away with everything and leech off of the government for aid and avoiding their appropriate consequences.

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    • Or better yet, abusive parents who kill their children in any way or sexually abuse them with no remorse, with strong evidence against them, should automatically receive the death penalty. No appeals, no bail and no plea bargins.

      Parents who emotionally abuse their children (although that limits freedom of speech but I wouldn't mind having this) should automatically be stripped from their rights of keeping children and reproducing.

    • I agree with youuuuuu... 100%,..

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