This guy wants to fight with me over this girl cause he doesn't like me talking to her cause he says she likes him but she doesn't, what should I do?

There is this girl that i like and this other guy likes, this other guy is a hot head and an asshole to everyone. He forces this other girl to hangout with him and the girl i like even told me she doesn't like him cause he is aggresive. Well this guy now wants to fight me cause in his mind he thinks this girl is in love with him which she is not. The girl even admitted she liked me and i told her i liked her too. But this dude is all over facebook saying that i'm a coward cause i don't want to fight him and that i "stole" his girl... what can i do about this? i don't want to fight him, this is a stupid reason to fight. what should i? please help.

Oh and the girl said she would tell him straight up she doesn't like him but i'm scared that this guy will actually hit her. He's a hothead. This girl who i likes (basically was going to ask her out officaly but this crap happend) , her friends even told him to stop then he basically told them off too.


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  • Here's what you do. Ignore him ask the girl on a date if she says no because of him just say don't worry about it I'll handle it. If things workout kiss her in front of him walk off with her under your arm like a boss

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