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  • I get the difference... however I think the term Feminist has been dragged through the mud too much by the extremists to use it for the 'open minded' and 'educated' any more, I'm afraid... Femenism needs to stop being new wave after new wave (there are so many contrasting and contradictory waves out now that the water is as clear as concrete).

  • I agree a distinction has to be made.

  • love how you say feminist are "educated" people haha

    i go to an engineering school where the vast majority of the people are more educated that 99% of the world...(and before you say things like business majors are the same level of educated just stop..)...

    and you know what i notice? very very very few are feminist and i'm talking about the women not just the men... even though these women will get out of college and immediately be making more than most men will in their entire lives they still are believes that men are dominant in the world

    when in reality men are... i don't want to be sexist i'm just saying facts here... the vast majority of money and political power lies with men... all of the richest people in the world are men... excluding the walmart family that inherited it from a man

    the truth in the world is that women will never be equal if people are still taking their side... it shows they are not equal... for women to be equal people have to be able to openly bitch about them and have a large amount of people support them just like feminist... until then they are not equal

    the dominant force in society is the one everyone blames... and look at the media... what do people bitch about and what do they support? they bitch about rich white men or just rich in general... and they support poor men and oppressed women or gays

    nobody cares if the king cries but if his wife cries then the whole kingdom will mourn

    god that was a hell of a rant... not even sure what the fuck i'm arguing... but whatever

    • I am a female engineer and I have never once believed a male engineer would do a better job than me simply because he has testicles.

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    • Oh hell, I forgot about you... Hang on, justa second...

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