Does a president have power to shut down the federal reserve?

Did jfk try with the executive 11110?


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  • Is this for a Govt class? The Fed Reserve is part of the Exutive Branch but the reason the exec branch has gotten so large and out of hand is that once Npresident creates a new institution it is very hard to deconstruct it. Congress has to weigh in and we all know how functional the U. S. congress is. It's come to the point that no matter who is in office Congress is the acting nemesis of PotUS.

    Anyways why would we want the Fed shutdown. Do you admire the situation Greece is in?

    • Why would we want fed shutdown? Are you kidding me?
      The federal reserve is a private bank that is not a government agency, therefore not account table with the freedom of information act.

      It has devalued the dollar significantly and prints money out of thin air wit an endless cycle of debt. It can bail out whoever it likes no questions asked. Its just international banking criminals!
      Abraham Lincoln and jfk died standing against the idea of such a system.

      You do know that your own government can print money?
      Such as jfk put 4 billion into circulation all backed by silver. President nixon was the one who closed the gold window, so the dollar was not backed by gold.

      If paper is not backed by gold or sliver where's it's value.
      If your American I'm kinda sad to see you don't know about who runs your country.. because it's not obama!

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    • The federal reserve cause the great depression in the first place!
      Don't hold any sympathy for ben who is lier and the the payroll of the banking elite.

      even if fed reserve had restored the economy, wouldn't it be a safer approach and honest approach for the government to print money and Control inflation?
      Why give so much power to a non government private bank that has no accountability.

  • Nope he dont


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