Whats up with this guy?

Ok so in my college class, there is this guy who random talks to me... and he waits for me after class. I remember I left early and the next day he said, "whats up stranger" I dont know this guy, so why is he calling me stranger. So oneday we had a test, and I was the last one in the class room, and I leave and he's sitting there waiting for me. So I decided to talk to him and he was cool to talk to. And he randomly smiled and said he can tell when a person lie. I never lied to him. Or maybe he just wanted me to know his gift lol. When he looks at me he stares into my eyes. Like in class if I walk to the front to ask the teacher a question, he stops what he is doing and watch my every move. I remember i was late for school, he broke his neck to come pick me up. He found out I had a boyfriend and he said, maybe next lifetime we be butterflys... I never met a guy like this... whats up


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  • He has a different set of 'social logic'. Or at least different than yours. That is why you feel weird seeing his action.

    He seems like the type who does not follow social norm. Maybe due to his interestingly wild imagination.


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  • He is clearly interested in you.