Persecution not on news , online or on tv?

so i just had a thought... there has been a lot of persicution over the years, sometimes women, a lot with other races, sometimes homosexuals , more recently a lot is mentioned about trans genders. and when it comes to religion mostly muslims and a few others. but I've noticed that there is a lot more anti christian talk... and i dont include the westboro catholic church when i say christien... there to hateful and judgmental to know there doing to much harm then good. things like removal of religeous monuments, attacks on buisnessess, and the literal genocide of christiens in the middle east ( to which our president refers back to the crusades like a jackass, point was made but its beyond irellivent and disconected to the current sitiation.) it seems like on the news christianity is the old way that needs to be changed rather than something that is apart of most americans lives ( last i heard christians are the majority, tell me if im wrong)
it seems like christien strugles are being ignored if not suported...

so why all the hate? are Christiens not aloud to have the right to have faith and representation of that faith? isn't that only fair?


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  • its not fair.

    • the news or christianity?

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