Who did it better? Battle of the bands (Day #3)?

Well GaG we have found our way to day 3... it's kinda a magic number and seeing as there are always topics on here about 3-ways I figure let's do a 3-way (don't get too excited it's only for the songs). Let's put 3 artists up against one Another all whom did the same song, who did it better.

Today's Battle: Genesis VS. Disturbed VS. In Flames
Song Title: Land of Confusion

Genesis (I love this video for it, it's still the sh*t)


There you have it...3 bands and 3 interpretations of the song. Who did it the best in your opinion.

  • Genesis
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  • Disturbed
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  • In Flames
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  • In Flames. Saw em live and they were sooo damn good. Disturbed is okay but I think overrated still.


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  • I picked disturbed for sound
    But genesis for the video


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