At what age would you be worried about your child's weight?

My son is 9 and he loves swimming and walking with me so we do these daily about an hour each. He gets teased about his weight at school and wants to change that over the Summer. He will be going into third grade next year and is way bigger than the other kids. He is five foot two and one hundred forty pounds. He wears size 32-30 jeans and size large tshirts. He wears size 10.5 shoes. He is very tall for his age so he carries his weight well but I worry about the harsh kids comments effecting him. His dad is around seven feet tall and 245 pounds wearing a size 19 shoe. What can I do as his mom to help him feel more accepted? He eats healthy but is still chubby. Should I take him to gym or is nine too young? I feel bad for him and his feelings.


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  • if they are making fun of him , not for his height, but for his chubbiness, you can limit his meals a bit. I grew from 5'2 to 6'2 in one year and didn't get chubby at all.

    No need for the gym, just let him do body exercises like lounges, mountain climbers, pull ups. Also instead of walking for 1 hour, jog for 30 minutes.

    Then again, in school, the little kids always messed with the big kids. It's the little man syndrome.

    • I hope he knows to turn the other cheek. If he continues to grow at this rate the last thing I need is him to be resentful or angry. He could really hurt another kid. We just got the t25 work out tapes to try together. I hope it helps l. Thanks

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  • Just watch what he eats and maybe enroll him in some hobbies like football or soccer or something?

    Take it from a kid who was Obese in school, I really wish my parents did more when i was young to put me in hobbies and teach me about good diets rather then letting me find out the hard way after enduring the shit and bullying that comes with being overweight.
    I think its best you try and avoid your son from going through with it. Just cut out junk food and get him doing more, Obviously dont go overboard with it, he's still a kid afterall, But, Learn to say no to bad foods ;)

    • My life story right here. I wish I had done wrestling and martial arts when I was younger, instead of now when I'm over 230 lbs.

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    • I want to so badly but he is too self conscious. He says he doesn't want to be teased. I looked into weight loss summer camps that involve a month of sports, eating healthy, and swimming but my husband said its wrong of me to put my problems on others to fix :( I think I will try to encourage my son to sign up for something around here. There are plenty of youth mma programs and he would be great as a defensive guy in football! I just hope he wouldn't hurt smaller kids. Thanks.

    • No worries, I wish you the best of luck and that he grows up healthily.

  • Always keep an eye on this. If he is fat, get him active and change his diet. Lots of protein and some fat (kids need fat) and not much carbohydrate (sugars and starches). Vitamins every day too (kids vitamins... they ARE different)


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  • That a big boy :) the kids being mean now will be the same ones kissing his ass during high school sports! As long as he is active the cubbiness may decline as he continues to grow up. It sounds like you are doing your part by being active with him and making sure he east healthy. Soccer or basketball maybe fun ways for him to lose weight and work on his coordination while grows. I'm sorry kids are rude to him. I was teased about my teeth and glasses before I got braces and contacts.

    • There will always be rude kids... I just don't want these little kids to make my son rude in return or resentful.

  • just take him to the gym and have a mommy son workout so that he ust knows y'all are spending time together but he doesn't know exactly why

    • That's a good idea. I don't think he needs a complex at nine and if he gets one I don't want it to be from me messing up my role as his parent. Thanks

    • Hey! No problem ! ^.^

    • oh and for the teasing? Don't worry I was teased a lot too because of my height weight and face I got pushed around and everything then I continued doing soccer and eating right and doing my own thing then now everyone is kissing my ass XD Don't worry they will grow out of it

  • Wow thatso really tall I would try to explain to him that because he is so tall that his weight is normal and kids can be mean

    • He is very tall! Im only about two inches taller and his feet are way bigger haha. I hope he believes me when I tell him that those kids are just mean and probably unhappy they aren't as tall as he is. Thanks

    • No problem I have a son the same age to and he's tall but no wear near as tall as your noy

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