Which group (s) of people make (s) you facepalm the most?

For me, it's zoophiles and gay people* who genuinley think that their sexual activity can result in a pregnancy. and I guess people who genuinley need to ask if oral/anal/ boob sex can get her pregnant. And I guess the sort of Christian who would agree with that one guy who said "If king james English was good enough for jesus and Good enough for Paul then it's good enough for me."

*I am not equating bestiality with gay sex. I am merely saying that both these groups have people amongst them who clearly shouldn't be having any sort of sex at all.

I read the article in the link. I facepalmed in disbelief.

1) Catholicism IS a denomination of Christianity! This article was clearly written by a protestant fundie. He even accuses the Catholics of heresy!

2) I honestly fail to see how two-thirds of the things he mentioned are even an issue. No mortal can honestly be expected to be right on absolutely everything.

3) No. Just... no.
Whoops. Just now realized the mistake I made. That update was supposed to be a comment for another person.


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  • People who demand evidence, and then completely disregard it when you give it. People who block you because they disagree with what your saying, seriously that just validates my/the claim being made. People who say they are open minded, but if you disagree with them your a bad/stupid/evil person and should go die. People who get upset when you ask questions, seriously how am I to understand you and your situation/religion/culture/ideology if I don't try and understand it? Who better to inform me if not the people of the group. Or the best, the people who say "I'm entitled to my opinion" and then demand that you not argue with them because apparently while they are entitled to an opinion you are not. So frustrating. Obviously as you can tell from this rant, I have made a lot of friends since joining this site. Seriously what happened to open and honest discourse/debate?


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  • My god, people can't differentiate between sitting up and lying down when they are getting hosed by a load of cum on their body by their guy. Tadpoles do not penetrate through skin pores and go to your uterus and start getting someone pregnant. How fucking stupid. HOLY cow.

    • I know, right? Is it even POSSIBLE to be that ignorant of human physiology?

    • I mean didn't their teacher tell them, how the penis has to go in their vagina , in order to get pregnant?

  • I think its people who try to destroy religious faith. Not believing in God is one thing - trying to destroy faith in God is another entirely different matter and horrendously offensive to me.

  • People who are totally ignorant of the effects of mental illness on folks, and who don't take it as seriously as other diseases.

  • Millennials
    Religious people

    • Not all religious people are idiots. Just check out my deviantart friend: https://crazy-eel.deviantart.com/gallery/ (note: this site has certain very important features that will not show up on a mobile device.)

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    • 'Ptolemy's "Almagest". You know what it is?'
      'Yes,' said he. 'It's the standard astronomical handbook used all through the middle ages.'
      'Well, just read that,' I said, pointing to Book 1, chapter 5.
      'The Earth,' read out my friend, hesitating a bit as he translated the Latin, 'The Earth, in relation to the distance of the fixed stars, has no appreciable size and must be treated as a fixed point!'
      There was a moment of silence.
      'Did they really know that THEN?' said my friend. 'But -- but none of the histories of science -- none of the modern encyclopedias -- ever mention the fact.'
      'Exactly,' said I. 'I'll leave you to think out the reason. It almost looks as if someone was anxious to hush it up, doesn't it? I wonder why.'
      There was another short silence.
      'At any rate', said I, 'we can now state the problem accurately. people usually think the problem is how to reconcile what we know about the size of the universe with our traditional ideas of religion. That turns out not

    • That turns out not to be the problem at all. The real problem is this. The enormous size of the universe and the insignificance of the Earth were known for centuries, and no one ever dreamed that they had any bearing on the religious question. Then, less than a hundred years ago, they are suddenly trotted out as an argument against Christianity. And the people who trot them out carefully hush up the fact that they were known long ago. Don't you think that all you atheists are strangely unsuspicious people?'" -- "God in the Dock", part 1, section seven, "religion and science"

  • Penis size questioners


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  • "I am merely saying that both these groups have people amongst them who clearly shouldn't be having any sort of sex at all. "

    are there people in all "groups" who shouldn't be having any sort of sex at all?

    • Well, yes, it's just that these two have a disproportionately large amount. In fact, one Google auto finish says "Help, my cat is pregnant and I think I'm the father!"

      Admittedly however, the number of gay people like this seems to have sharply declined in recent years.

  • 1. Blindly religious people
    2. Posting all the life drama on facebook people
    3. Omg he stared at me. Does he like me? People
    4. Apple users

    • The technical term for the sort of religious person you're thinking of is "fundamentalist." Just so you know.

    • I know what fundamentalist means. That is exactly why ibdidnt use that term.

  • Extremists who feel the need to shout down anyone thay disagrees with them.

  • People that fall in love as soon as a person tells them they like them even if they can't even know them good enaugh to know it.

    As soon as they've been ducked and left they'll damn all men for being players when in fact it's they're own fault.

  • White people

  • People on GirlsAskGuys. com.

  • feminist
    gurls who are insecure about their bodys...

  • I dont know... the thought of a woman zoophile doing her thing is a turn-on

    • You do know that bestiality is thought to be responsible for human STDs, right?

    • Im afraid you are wrong there my friend. Are you speaking evolutionarily? That is a different discussion. If you mean in the modern era, that is incorrect. HIV was likely passed to man, but that was through bites. The others, I have heard the stories about sailors and sheep. It doesn't agree with the genetic evidence we have. Most diseases do not cross species. You do not get STD's from animals. Not practically, not theoretically.
      There are a few diseases that both men and animals can get, most are not that way.

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