Why there are almost no people from Australia/New Zealand here?

OK I get it if there’s some non-english speakin country where people don’t speak English often, but I find it surprising dat there’s almost NO GAGer who’s from Australia or New Zealand. Among regular ones I’ve noticed only @justbanannaz and @applefan1 being from there, and a few more who r not-active any more, or they pop-up infrequently, but yet no more than 10 in total or so.

Sure if we add total population of these 2 countries, it’s small compared wid America's but it’s only a little bit smaller than Canada.

Canada has 35.16 million people and Australia+New Zealand bout 27.6 million people together, but yet I’ve seen WAY more people from Canada here, even more than UK where total population’s 64.1 million.


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  • Well generally they are on when all of us American folks are asleep or supposed to be lol. Even if I am up at that hour I still do not see all that many of them on.

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