What's a personality test?

I think it's called Carl something and Briggs Myers test. I hear so many people talking about it in uni but I don't understand what is it?


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  • Yay, I love personality tests!!

    The Myers-Briggs is named after the women psychologist who created it. Your result is in the form of a four letter combination which compares these "opposite" personality pairs; you can be either (but not both):

    Extroverted or Introverted
    iNtuitive or Sensing
    Thinking or Feeling
    Perceiving or Judging

    The official MBTI is well over 100 questions and is available by purchase only. Many schools and employer HRs have purchased the MBTI to administer to newcomers. If you have been given a personality questionnaire as part of a job interview, it is based off the MBTI. There are many free assessments online that are also accurate.

    I'd recommend taking multiple test version to confirm your type. Most tests, as with the MBTI, feature scaled answers (strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree) and many display the percentage scored per trait (eg, 60% Extroverted, 12% iNtuiting).

    For starters, here is a short and sweet version that simply has prompts for a 'yes' or 'no' answer to each question.


    Remember, unlike astrology, your type is based on YOUR answers to a set of questions so, unless you are not self aware or lie on the test, your result must be accurate.

    Once you find your type (eg, ESTJ, INFP), have fun capitalizing on M-He's research and delve into the endless information and discussion posts available online to find out more about your personality strengths and weaknesses, career path, love/relationships, parenting style, and more! I freaking LOVE stuff like this so if you ever want to discuss, feel free to message me!


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