What are some tips and advices for job interviews?

also, what are some questions that are usually asked (like: sell me this pen) and hiw to approach them?



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  • My biggest job tip is for the question that'll get asked about 90% of the time in job interviews - why should we choose you? Remember exactly which job you're applying for and tailor your answers to suit it. Don't necessarily lie, but if it makes you sound better by saying that you're more sociable than you are, go for it. E. g. working as a cashier - able to work quickly yet efficiently, works well alone but also with a team of others, able to deal with every customer with a smile, handle volatile situations, and always remains calm and emphasise how this is because of your desire not just to keep the good name of the company intact but also because you want to make sure that each and every customer leaves the store with a positive experience.

    There's also - why do you want this job in particular? Now, I can't really be truthful here because the first thing that I think of when I see that is 'because capitalism forces me to need this to survive' :P But what you can say can also be tailored to the job description. Research the company a little beforehand. Is it a new business or an old business. Say that you're applying for somewhere like ASDA, a huge, well known shopping company here in the UK. It's established itself as a leader of the game, so you say that entering an established business will provide you with the stability you need to learn your way in the business whilst also providing you with a challenge and a way to test yourself and improve due to the popularity and amount of customers.

    Now, if we say that you're applying for some little new cafe that's opened up. Firstly, is it family run? Because if it is, then mention that, say that you want to experience that kind of atmosphere. If not, then it doesn't matter, but you can still say that you want to learn from the beginning, watch a business make it's foundations and hopefully be there to help assist in that process.

    Of course, think of what you get out of this too and mention that. Not money, but what qualities will you learn? How to work efficiently, how to manage your time? How to improve your public speaking, how to become more confident? Emphasise that this job will help you, as a person, develop because it shows that you're interested and that you know what you're talking about. Always try to tailor it to the job description, it shows that you've taken your time to learn about it rather than just blindly applying for any job going.

    I hope this helped :)


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  • Just be confident and do some homework on the company before going in. More often than not they care more about you having an answer and being able to state it clearly than what you're actually saying.

    As long as your answer isn't wildly irresponsible or completely oblivious to social norms you're fine.

    Also your appearance and hygiene matters a lot. Be clean, well dressed, and smell nice. Make sure you brush your teeth and don't eat anything that will make your breath smell strong. If you're a smoker, try not to go in smelling like cigarettes. It seems shallow to be judged on that sort of thing, but when you're making a first impression people really don't have anything else to go off of.

    There plenty of information on common interview tactics floating on the internet. I feel like you're better off just googling interview tips.