Everything she wants by Vertical Horizon. Is this the greatest friendshipzone song ever?

Its funny how many good songs there are written from friendshipzone emotions. Even some songs that I have written (got two on soundcloud) come from this.


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  • ever? maybe accordin to yer taste yeah, but each person has a different taste so we cannot tell about "gr8est songs ever".

    by the way, where r yer songs u mention on soundcloud?

    • Hey bro, no, that song is the best "friendshipzone song" ever. But you are right, each taste is different. I just love the fact that some great songs are written in "frienshipzone" mode. Like off the top of my head Alanis Morisett: Uninvited, most of Staind's earlier albums, most of Smashing Pumkins material.

      My band is AcaciasDream on soundcloud. We put two rough songs up now because we looking for a drummer, and we just showing its chilled. I wrote both those songs: Crashing Down and Two Souls and I have many others coming. These two rough demos are what the acoustic version will sound like. The finished product has some heavier guitars (crashing down) and more synths in Two souls. Two souls is about a the first girl who taught me that love doesn't exist.

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    • Dude, I went on Soundcloud and searched "acaciasdream" one word like that exactly. The two songs pop up, you shouldn't have a problem.

    • two souls? crashing down?