How many people on this site are starting to think of it as facebook hence posting completely irrelevant mytakes and questions?

As in "The legend has died" or "Hello, how are you - questions" ?

  • It's happening more and more, it's annoying.
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  • It's happening but I don't mind it.
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  • It isn't happening, really.
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  • I've noticed that lately as well.

    My pet peeve are the Takes that are just two paragraphs, without spaces and literally no punctuation, combined with the most irrelevant, stereotypical bullshit opinions lol


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  • The best thing to do is just not answer questions you don't like. People will get the message.

  • I guess everyone who doesn't get out much feels like their manifestos need to be heard by someone. It's so annoying bc once again full of people not giving advice.