What's the most scandalous HS story you know? Did anything crazy happen during your time at high school?


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  • scandalous? not really... but crazy stuffs hell yeah lol
    like me being bitten by some chick
    pranks (too many)
    pissing off teachers and being punished lol
    and often disturbing the class during class time
    fighting during debate in class or during PE classes... yea was great

    • WTH she bit you... uh was she zombiefied? LOL
      that sounds funny, reminds me of HS also... good times!

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    • thanks for MH lol

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  • Hahahahahaa i have a few good stories about the sluts i went to school with.
    and one about my boyfriend.
    the only bad thing that happened to me was someone making a fake account on formspring of me and then talking shit to another girl at school -_- causing us to get into a fight. kind of annoying.

    • LMAO; yeah for some reason slut stories are abundant... -__- anything funny?
      Omg I forgot about formspring, that's pretty creepy that someone went as far as pretending to be you and instigated some shit, what happened? It seems like it would be a guy for some reason too... who do you think did it?

    • some bitch got a train ran on her in the school bathroom and the video got leaked to literally everyone in the school. i was dying x'D
      and the formspring thing was made by a girl who didn't like me and the other girl -_- just stupid drama. its everywhere when you're in such a small town. i know everyone.

    • hahahaha wow that's just thirsty! WTH was she thinking? lol
      ah she set you up, typical stunt. I'm sure she was jealous or something, that's the main reason females bully other females. Anyway I hope you slapped her silly! lmao. I'm from the city and fights crack so fast like from lunch to afterschool everyone knows and everyone & their momma are there to watch cell phones in hand & everything... -.-

  • A freshman was giving a bj in the football field.

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