Am I messed up for not exactly feeling bad for homeless people (read my explanation)?

unless the homeless person has some sort of mental disorder (even then they should be in a home or some sort of care center) there is absolutely NO reason anybody should be out of the street for an extended period of time.

like how the fuck can you be homeless for years? i can understand being homeless for a few months living in your car or something because you just got evicted and lost your job at the same time or special circumstances like that.

BUT FUCKING PANHANDLERS IN MANHATTAN? FUCK YOU. go to a homeless shelter, take a fucking shower get a haircut and go job hunting for as long as you possibly can. go clean the toilets at the port authority or penn station. working for 9 or 10 dollars an hour, they can STILL support their drug habbit and STILL get a roof over their heads. give me a break


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  • Wow this is really sad... Did you know that 40% of homeless people are actually ex forces who have had to leave due to one reason or another and have had nowhere else to go and their money has eventually run out as finding a job is tough in our current climate?

    Some people struggle through life and they have a major event happen and then they lose everything. A prime example is a 22 year old man who lives with his father. His father dies... The house is in arrears as he has been sick for some time and the son had to care for him so had no job. House is taken son is on the streets. He has no money and only has the clothes on his back as everything else has been repossessed to pay for the house debt that was owed. He has a short time until his mobile phone bill is due and he defaults, he has no mail address as he has nobody who can take him in.

    At what point is any of this their issue? Where are the mental problems? You have no address you have no way to print a resume. Your only option is to go looking homeless and ask for a job. Not going to make the best impression... People who drink on the streets and have a drug problem are often falling in to this to dull their pain after they have ended up there. So instead of being so awful, maybe offer a single person some help.


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  • A great portion of homeless people are mentally ill, first of all. There's also old people and those with physical disabilities like amputees and etc, with conditions that make it really hard for them to search for and get a job. Shelters have limited rooms, some of them you need to pay to get in, for some like the Salvation Army you have to be Christian. Of course there's also the problem that even people with experience and skill can have trouble finding a shitty job, so imagine when you have nothing, no address, a drug or alcohol addiction, are fucking miserable, no money, no good clothes... It's almost impossible. And that's just the technical aspects of it. When I see someone sitting outside begging for money in -20F weather I have no doubt they'd much rather be somewhere else.

    So, are you messed up? Well, you're judgmental and ignorant and you lack empathy.

  • No of course not f. u. ck em