TUMBLR USERS , gear button problem?

i don't have a "gear button" and i want to allow the ask option, any ideas on what to do?


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  • There should be a settings option... At the top, there's all your home, compass, inbox, actvity icon and a little thing shaped like a person. If you click on that, then it should be the third option. If not, copy this link and edit it to suit you: https://www.tumblr.com/settings/blog/write your blog name here (just the name, not the. tumblr. com bit)

    • i have the compass and house like icon and an envelope a thunder like icon and the human like icon only, i need the gear icon

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    • it workkkked, thank you sooooo muchhhhhh <3

    • No problem! Thanks for the MHO, hope you get more questions now :)

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