How many scars do you have, and what are their stories?

Question explains itself.

I have 13:
-3 between my hands
-2 on my right hand's fingers
-1 in between my fight hand's fingers
-1 on my left big toe
-1 on my left foot behind the pinky toe
-1 on my right food behind the pinky toe
-1 on my wrist (burn, not a cut),
-1 across my forehead
-1 across my eyebrow
-1 on my cheek

Storytime: The one inbetween my fingers is from me getting so mad that I repeatedly punched a door and broke a hole through it big enough to walk through. The one on my big toe is from when I was wrestling with my buddy and I got flung into a mirror (the mirror shattered and sliced my toe), the one on my wrist was just from cooking and it stuck to the side of the oven, the one across my forehead is from my cat, the one on my cheek was when I got into a fight and a kid slashed me with a knife, and the one on my eyebrow is from the same thing but getting hit with a beer bottle.


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  • I don't even know, but most of them are on my legs and are related to soccer. 13 years playing at a semi-professional level gets you a lot of scars xD
    But the two biggest scars didn't happen playing soccer.
    One on my leg was caused by jamming my leg into a rock while I was at the beach. A friend and I went to the rocky side to go up a small cliff and jump to the water when we had to go through a small space and I was looking up not to bang my head, and I forgot to look down and banged my leg on a rock. I saw the bone on the leg xD

    My favorite scar was caused by a jellyfish and it's right next to my belly button. Again, I was a the beach, and a jellyfish stung me. I went to the red cross, and the guy burned the wound instead of healing it. 10 years later and the scar is still there, when it was supposed to disappear in a few weeks.

    • Wait, you got a compound fracture from smashing your leg on a rock? Jesus Christ, mate; The jelly fish one is cool.

    • No, I didn't get a fracture, I don't even think it was the bone what I aw, but you know when you can see a white stuff in the wound? Well that's what I saw, and since I was a kid I thought it was the bone xD Also it was on the shin, and you know there's just a small layer of skin covering the bone.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • 1 on my knee which is a very long story but from stitches which was down to the bone. another on my knee which was from landing on broken glass. 1 on my finger from my parrot feeling horny and rough. 1 on my left hand where my brother tried to hit me with a shovel. one on my right thigh from being a little one and falling off a step. one on my forehead where a cat hit me with a plank of wood. a few on my stomach where my ex through a pan of hot grease over me.

    • Wow, both humans and animals are guilty of hitting you with things. Sorry about the grease, that's fucked up; I laughed stupidly hard at the parrot getting his dick on, though (ta for sharing that).

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    • not much... He says bye bye to my boyfriends though lol

    • Haha what a jealous, cheeky little bird, innit. You should teach him the lyrics to Thriller and teach him the dance.

  • Wow! 13!!! I only have four. Two on my arms from playing a stupid game where you drop a lit cigg between u n someone else's arm and first to move loses (I won both times :)) a scar on my very lower belly from having my son removed lol and one on my lower ankle from being young and learning to shave my legs the hard way haha.

    • Ahh shit, I remember when my mom's boyfriend tried to get me to play that with him (but I was like 12 and that's fucked, so I didn't play it).

      Yeah, I'm a little bit scrappy, lol.

  • Too many to count because I scar so easily.

  • I have one. Nobody notices until I tell them about it, because it's on my eyebrow and my eyebrow hair covers it. I got it because I was five and I wasn't listening to my mom and I ran into a sharp pole. I had to get stitches.


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  • I have too many to count. The big ones are from surgery, a household iron, dog bite, and a brand on my upper arm. The rest come from knives, swords, a plate glass window and Moyer cycle accident or two.

    • - swords

      Are you a knight of the round or summat?

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    • Oh, cool; I'd sure say he won, too lol.

      What all swords have you handled?

    • My current collection includes a two handed broadsword, an 19th century officers side arm (the one in my profile picture), and 2 broadswords. I'm looking at a rapier, and we used to own katanas, and numerous other blades.

  • Well... I have a giant scar on my back that goes from my tailbone to my neck from a spinal surgery that attached two titanium rods to my spine, 4 on on my feet from an ankle surgery, one on my knee from scraping it in sea world. I have had WAY more injuries but all internal, I've also had kidney stones.. If I did an inventory it would take a while. m

  • Most of my burn marks have disappeared. I have a scar on my pinky. I cut it when I was opening a can of nacho cheese. It was one of those cans with the pull tab. Cut my shit just like a razor. Nice and clean. It was bleeding so much I had to put a band-aid on it. I was hungry.

    • Fuck man, those things are a death trap. And you were hungry as shit and it killed your vibe. That just wasn't your day, eh.

    • Yeah I hurried up and put that band aid on, washed my hands, then ate me some cheese and nachos though lol.