Suggestions on visiting Australia?

I'd be going to Australia for seven weeks. I'd be spending 2 weeks in Perth, 1 week in Brisbane/Gold Coast, 2 weeks in Sydney and Melbourne each.

I have friends in Perth and Sydney, but they're not necessarily free everyday so I thought I could know about the attractions of these cities and probably could wander on my own. I know that Gold Coast is famous for its theme parks, is it worth it to play at the theme park?

What are the famous must-eat food and go-to places in these cities? Thanks in advance.


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  • I'm living in Perth. Go to the city, you can get there by taking a train or even a bus. There's even free buses in the city (red and blue bus). If you love animals and wildlife, go to Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park. Also, visit Perth Mint if you're interested on how coins were made and if you love to get one as a souvenir. Visit Scarborough beach, it's awesome, and if you love arts and crafts, there's a craft shops call Spotlight there. Visit Bell Tower if you're interested in these sorta stuffs (it's like Eiffel Tower where you put your lock there and throw the key away, sorta). Wave rock sounds fun too, I've never been there but I heard my friends said that it's kinda fun. Shun Fung on The River is a Chinese restaurant near bell tower, drop by and have some dim sum during lunch (they don't have it for dinner) it's scrumptious! Visit Frementle Prison or the museum, it's pretty cool. The fish n' chips in Frementle is really delicious too.

    • Girl, listen to her. She's a freaking tour guide in Perth πŸ˜‚

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    • @asker, she's my sis πŸ˜‚

    • OMG I'm sorry 😣 @KenG21

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  • I'm living in Adelaide lol. Sorry I can't help. Perhaps @kimberleyyy @mskay @soccerchick4eva @basketballchick4eva could help out if they're living there.

    • Gold coast theme parks are pree cool, the absolute favourite of mine is dreamworld and movie world! Gold coast beaches are also good also! uhhh brisbane, maybe check out the city :)

    • Thanks @soccerchick4eva 😊

    • Yeah totally agree with @soccerchick4eva they are honestly the main places here in Brissy uhm there are some pretty great restaurants in the Valley like ribs&burgers and there's this greek restaurant that's great aswell but can't really remember what its called, Dreamworld is definitely a must

  • Go and meet kangaroos

  • I know I'd have somewhere to go if I visited😊I think your friends should make free time

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