What's wrong with me and how do I sort this out?

I have a hard time simpally speaking for example my girlfriend asked me if I liked a certain show and I said no but I did.. It wasn't even an embarrassing show, it's a show that makes people happy and I love seeing people smile its called surpirse superise.

When anyone asks me 'what am I doing' I'll say nothing but I'll be either lifting weights or playing games. It's like I'm embarrassed to say

I basically can't speak my mind especally if it's something bad like a problem I have with another person or anything negative.

But positive things I can easily speak don't have a problem with positive.

what's wrong with me?


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  • You care a lot about what other people think of you. Psychiatrists do a really good job at helping with this sort of stuff, you should give that a go.

    I was the same 5 years ago so I'm not just making that up.


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