Question about booking a hotel room online?

I'm booking a hotel in two weeks for vacation. I decided to use hotels. com or whatever. I'm obviously paying online. It has the option to pay now or at the hotel. It's both the same price
if I pay now will I also have to pay a fee at the hotel?


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  • No if you pay for your hotel online they shouldn't make you pay again
    when you go there that would be double billing , I would keep track of
    all your information that you receive from them for proof of payment
    they most likely will send you a email confirmation but i would copy
    the the proof that you paid for your hotel room..


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  • what kind of fees are you expecting? every time I checked in at a hotel there were no additional fees, everything that was expected to be covered was charged and that's it, they would mention it to you beforehand, if they do not then ask to make sure.

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