What could my dreams mean?

I am not one of these people who dreams very often so when I do it makes me wonder if they have some meaning. I would love some opinions on a few of my more memorable dreams (I should write them down but I don't!).

Dream 1 & 2 - I have dreamt about the same person (don't know who they are) on two separate occasions. I am somewhere hot, maybe on holiday, and this person is there too. The first dream he just walks by and smiles, with the second dream he actually kisses me.

Dream 3 - I dreamt about a guy I had a sort of crush on, I haven't seen him for about 2.5 years and I don't know if the feeling was mutual. In my dream he tells me he likes me in a very serious tone and I think I'm getting off a train.

Any ideas?


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  • The first 2 dreams are just a dream. Dream 3 - You should find out if the feeling is mutual.


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  • They could have potential meaning behind them yes. It might not be exactly that but it may be an indication or something. Just look out for some signs. That's what happens to me because I don't get dreams at all to be honest but when I do they always come true

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