NEED ADVICE! Should my roommate and her husband get the master bedroom?

Originally it was me, a friend "Beth", and another girl "Jayne" looking for an apartment. A few months pass, and I find us a great place 3 bedroom for a nice price. However, last week Jayne asked if her husband could stay with us for a few days. In this arrangement, Beth and Jayne would share a bathroom and I would have my own.

I did all the work to find this house, and I was already planning furniture to fit in the room. However, I agreed for her husband to stay a for a while because it would make rent cheaper, but I thought it would only be about a month.

Now, she says he's staying at least 4-5 months. And though I love the fact that rent will be cheaper, I was planning on bringing a large pet cage, dresser, my bed, bookshelf, and night stand. But Beth is upset because she doesn't want to share a bathroom (even half the day) with Jayne and her husband.
I need outside advice. Am I being selfish or am I justified?

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  • Was it already decided that you would get the master bedroom? If so, then it shouldn't be a discussion anymore. It's a bathroom, not a bedroom lol I don't understand why Beth is fussing over sharing it. Hell, she should be lucky that you girls are even trying to accommodate her boyfriend during his stay.
    To play Devils Advocate, if together Beth and her boyfriend will be paying the most rent, then I could see them getting the master. BUT it's kind of late for that if who gets what room has already been established, and now she wants to change her mind. It doesn't work that way. Sounds like Beth should suck it up.
    (Side note, I hope I haven't misinterpreted anything).

    • Thank you for answering. I'm using fake names so I might have misused one. Jayne is the one with the boyfriend, but Beth doesn't want to share a bedroom with me if she has to go in my room. And she doesn't want to share one with Jayne and her boyfriend (even if it's in the hallway) because she thinks it's too many people. The thing is I would be fine with her dropping in my room in the day because I will be busy and away most of the day because of my course load.

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    • Jayne wasn't expecting it, but I had told Beth that I wanted it so we kinda resolved it because she doesn't care about bedroom size. Now I have no idea what Jayne wants (she's sometimes difficult to get in contact with) Beth really wants Jayne and her man to have the master, and she makes good points. I had a solid plan to have it, and now he's staying way longer than thought. And I don't want to be rude. But when he leaves, whenever that may be, I don't think it would be fair for her to have the master (which is a good 3 feet bigger in each direction)

    • I don't think it's fair, either. Especially since you've already gotten your things in order for the master. I just don't really feel like Beth has a good argument. It's one thing if she was sharing a room with Jayne and her boyfriend, but it's a bathroom. You get in, handle your business, and get out lol. It doesn't seem like something to be upset about sharing. This may sound harsh, but Beth should know that if it's going to be that big of a problem, there's other places to live, other roommates, etc. She really shouldn't be making a fuss...

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  • I agree with HollyK21. It was known you were going to get the MB.
    He's staying 4-5 months. They can manage. IF they get the MB then what happens when he leaves?
    You now go back to your original plans? Forget it. Let them work it out for 4-5 months.


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