I am have depression and I get a lot of mental break downs?

Sometimes I feel confident and I think I look good but at time I feel bad and look horrible I cry from this break down like there won't be someone to love or I don't worth being loved what should I do


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  • I have similar symptoms. I went to a homeopathic doctor and she diagnosed me with depression and prescribed medication. Normally I don't think meds are a viable answer to emotional problems (unless of course they contain thc) bur homeopathy doesn't mess with the same chemicals classic doctors use. They give you natural remedies. They will also examine you as a while being checki ng your emotional and physical state because they are very entertwined. Being low on vitamin b can aid in the development of depression and lots of other weird th ings like that. So go see a homeopathic doctor. Im on travacor rn and they are seriously magic pills. The first day I took them felt like t he best day of my life. I can tell the next day when I forgot to take my meds the night before. Until then though exercise. That will do nothing but good for you.

  • see a therapist.


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