Im coming back to HS with highlighted hair & a totally new body (lost 50 lbs) will people (guys & even girls) treat me different w my new appearance?

last year i was very overweight and now I've become skinny, what response will this prevoke


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  • Great job! With a new look, new body and a new attitude, yeah people will notice. Your confidence will be noticeable too I am sure. Basically they will see you as either a completely different person or the new and improved. Either way its a win-win for you. With this they more than likely will treat you differently, with more respect and guys probably will take more notice of you too. Dont take me wrong as I dont know if they notice you now or anything but I am just saying with a "new body", new confidence and highlighted hair they will take even more notice of you. They will see you as having more control over your life and wanting to make a change and succeeding. With this new person make sure you dont lose who you are inside though but let that confidence shoot through the roof! Dont become self-centered and snobbish as you may have new friends and maybe even in the popular group now (sorry if you are already.) I just know that you made these changes for a reason. You should be proud of what you have become. They say your life will only change if you change yourself. Well your life is about to change... for the better! Great job!

    • Its sort of like too those stories you see where someone was overweight in high school and now they are gorgeous... it is their loss if they dont see your true self

    • thank you! i really appreciate it!

    • Any time! I am here to help! Keep your head up high, you are doing great!

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  • If anyone treats you differently you'll know exactly who the assholes are. You are worthy and amazing as an individual no matter how you look. If people overlook your fantastic insides in favor of your unfailingly awesome outsides, they are not good people. They are not people you want in your life.

  • Honey, you're going to see all the losers who've ever ripped on you for your weight, start hounding you. I'm not sure about the girls though, but they don't matter.

    Ultimately you shouldn't be looking for anyone's reaction. As long as you're happy and confident with yourself and new appearance, that's all that matters!

    Good job with the weight loss!!

    I'm a size 8 and trying so hard to go down to a size 4 or 6 :(

    • aw thx!! and u got it!! its hard to start but once u get into nothing gets in your way!

  • Of course. Some people will envy you, others will hate. Some won't care. But you'll definitely be treated differently by some.