Dog owners, my dog won't stop howling at night?

My family adopted a shepherd about a month ago from a local animal shelter. He is almost 2 years old and we believe he has never lived in a house since he used to roam free on a reservation. Due to having a cat who is not a fan of him at all, we kennel him at night. The kennel used to be on the main level, but has recently been moved to the basement due to there being more room. Every night, he barks, howls, and yelps while he is in there and it is a hassel to get even get him to go in his kennel. We've turned on a night light for him down there and even sometimes play calming music for him. It has gotten to the point where our neighbors have complained about the noice. Now, my older brother has decided to sleep in the basement every night to help the dog feel more comfortable in his kennel. I don't want this to be a permanent thing, and I know that giving into the dog's whines is not the way to deal with the problem. I've tried telling my family that this isn't a good idea, but they don't listen and say that they only care that the dog doesn't bark at night anymore. I just really don't think that this is a good idea since it's not teaching him to be quiet. What happens if my brother or whoever is gone one night, and the dog is alone down there? He's going to freak out. Any suggestions to calm my dog down? Also, could anyone give more reasons to why sleeping in the basement with the dog is not a good idea?

We keep him in a kennel because when left alone, he can sometimes get destructive and rip things up or pee on the furniture.


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  • Some dogs do not and will never do well in a kennel. They are lonely and smart breeds like yours get bored. With proper exercise he will be less destructive. How about he sleep in a dog bed in your brothers room or in his bed?

    It's bonding time fro the dog especially if you are all gone in the day. They get lonely and depressed just like us.

    My dog had some behavior issues, nervous peeing and eating shoes problems when I first took her home at 3. But she now knows what is mine and what is hers. What she can and can't chew and sleeps in my bed. As long as a I run her and give her puzzles she is calm in the house. She will start to bark at anything the moves outside if I can't run her due to weather. Other than that she never makes a peep.


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  • He isn't used to the kenel, most dogs don't like them if they didn't grow up in one. You may just get a dog bed for him and put it down there instead

    • We would do that, but we're scared he'll pee or rip up stuff since he has done that before when left alone.

    • Well i think that he may do that initially but eventually will settle down and usually "eventually" means a few days

  • my sheppard did that too when he was young, he stopped at around 4 years old. I think it's them howling for their parents, its really sad :(

  • Step one Remove the dog from the kennel.


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