You and 3 of your friends were looking for treasure worth millions. You & your friends locate it and this happens. What do you do?

You and 3 of your friends stumble across a treasure map. After doing some research to determine if its a real map, you discover it is and its real!! You also find out its located on a privately owned island. You contact the owner of the island and after intense negotiation, agrees by contract to let you keep 40% of the treasure which is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. You and you friends set out to the island to find the treasure. You locate the treasure in a old partially ruined temple of some kind. As you gather the treasure , the orginal entrance caves in , but it looks like there's other ways out. There's ancient writing on the wall and lucky for you guys you have a decoder to translate. It reads something pertaining to if the orginal entrance is blacked, the only way out is threw one of the 3 caves but they are littered with traps. with the decoder, you and your friend read that there's three traps in each cave4 you have to pass to get out... Here they are.

cave one has a trap where the walls close in with sharp spikes all over the cave as soon as you step in the cave . Since there's nothing around to hold long enough to keep the walls from crushing you to death, (the exit is 25ft away) you would have to take a chance trying to run through with the treasure before it crushes you without knowing how fast those walls are going to close in. . Cave 2 is filled full of spears in both sides of the cave that launch upon entry of the cave. There's also waist deep sharp broken glass all over the floor for those who are smart enough to crawl on the floor to safety. Its also hot outside so all you have on is shorts , short shirts, your gear and the treasure. Its about 25 ft to the exit in cave 2 also. So what do you do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • what about the 3rd cave?

    • I meant to only have 2 caves.

    • Can I call the owner and tell him to get us the hell out of that place?

    • Yes, but you still would have to try to get out.

What Guys Said 2

  • Obviously run before the walls close in and for cave 2 throw an object inside to active the spears before we ever enter, and if necessary crawl and suffer through the pain.

  • I'd just bite the bullet and crawl through the broken glass.

    It'd suck but beats being killed!

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