80s music poll: Favorite album by Madness/The Selecter?

Probably da most popular ska band…had many good albums, but their singles stand out…unfortunately their non-single album tracks weren’t as good as their singles…. but never-mind. Fav album would be "Rise & Fall"from here

The Selecter was another ska band but not so good as Madness imo…yet I’d choose ther debut if I had to choose sth

  • Absolutely (Madness)
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  • 7 (Madness)
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  • Rise & Fall (Madness)
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  • Keep Moving (Madness)
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  • Mad Not Mad (Madness)
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  • Too Much Pressure (The Selecter)
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  • Celebrate The Bullet (The Selecter)
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  • My favorite Madness album is actually "One Step Beyond," the one with "My Girl." (I'm not seeing it here, but it might have been released under different names.)

    Speaking of which, the Pet Shop Boys have done at least two versions of a cover of "My Girl," one of which is truly excellent. It was only briefly available on their website several years ago (as a demo). I can send it to you if you like. Killer track. :)

    • it's not here coz it's a 70s album (even if it was released by late 1979, still considered 70s and it's an 80s music poll)... and yeah One Step Beyond was their best in my opinion... every song there was gr8..."Prince" would be my fav though

      sure u can send! thanks! :D

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    • I rediscovered that album not long ago. "Regret" is one of my all-time New Order favorites, but now I listen mostly to "Liar" and "Chemical" from that record. Love it. Interesting to hear those kinds of background vocals on a New Order track. Really works.

    • "Spooky","Everyone Everywhere" and "Chemical" would be my best but most of all..."Times Change"

      It was like a 90s version of "West End Girls" by PSB :D

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  • The Selecter rings no bells at all obviously Madness again wouldn't know albums but just for sound and vibe they produced