How do I not target fixate on something on a motorcycle?

I have been riding for quite sometime, but a deer ran out in front and the inevitable happened. I think I could have avoided it but I fixated and crashed. Any advice on how to avoid something like this? @BertMacklinFBI


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  • If you happen to see which way the deer was heading you can take a sharp swerve around the deers ass. Deers walk forward not backwards, so if you swerve in front of the deer (it's head) you could of killed it and you could of gotten seriously injured. Swerving behind the deers ass, it's not going to walk backwards, so you would of been able to ride behind it, and dodge it completely.

    You crashing may make you a bit paranoid to hop on a bike again. The thing is, you really do need to get back on it and ride it again. I think the longer you leave yourself to be afraid of riding (if that incident has caused you a lot of trauma) the longer you will be absolutely paranoid and really afraid. Be cautious, be aware/alert. Stay safe.

    • I plan to. I will be going on a Montana trip then a death valley ride within the coming year so ill be able to really learn a few things from the other guys. Thanks for the advice, ride safe.

    • Sounds good. Just make sure you stretch in between rides, you tend to get stiff all over and sore. But other then that it's suppose to be an enjoyable, fun experience. No problem :) and thanks.

    • Thank you go MH

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  • daaamn bro, sorry you crashed. not target fixating is something you can become better with but from time to time it still happens to the best of riders. motogp stoner got target fixated and went off to the dirt while battling rossi on the track. when I hit the canyons hard I know that target fixation may be a potential problem when im always trying to go faster through the corners, so I keep my mind prepped for it. if I go through a corner 3 mph faster than my best time and I notice I start to target fixate, since I am prepared for it, I realize what I am doing and notice myself starting to veer off to the side of the road and I quickly revert my eyes back to where I want to go and catch myself every time. I avoided flying straight off of the mountain one time by keeping my mind prepped. also knowing the road ahead of you is a REALLY good way to help yourself not become target fixated because you know what to expect. I went to Palomar mountain first time and its a really technical road, a lot of decreasing radius turns and sharp sweepers, holy shit I must have went off my side of the road 2-3 times because I was going too fast and didn't know where to look at the road whenever it was a decreasing radius turn. just take it easy, learn the road if you ride it frequently and always bear in mind it can happen at any moment. but you being prepared for it is what will save you. being prepared has saved me for it every single time, like literally I notice I lost my line because im looking at something else for a second so I quickly look back on my line and get right on it quick, that time frame is like within 1 second or less. you'll get better as you come along but just keep riding and it will come. goodluck man, stay safe.

    • Hey thanks man. Yeah I think experience may help. I suppose it was just that I was enjoying the scenery. But my mind was doing this thinking... thinking... without reacting but it sucks. Anyways ATGATT. You as well friend.

  • I think it's instinctive, some people react in a crisis and some people freeze for a few seconds (or longer) you find out which kind you are when it happens. I've put in 150,000 miles on bikes, I'm the kind that reacts instantly or I would be here writing this.

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