How is college like?

Well my main problems are
1) Do you actually find the right guy/girl? I know everyone is different but so far i been with one dude that totally screwed me over freshman year. Not just that im very very picky!!! Its hoestly a problem.. plus i can't stand immature guys. Im no attracted to anyone i guess after him so is it like a 50-75% chance i will? or its the same chance as in high school..
2) Everyone is picking any college they want, from community to universities.. And my grades are pretty great but how does loans and all work? I have a job i recently started which pays min wage like i can't be the only one who is worried how im going to live in poverty and scrape up every last penny to pay for my loans. Is there more to it?
3) My family life is really bootie and i know my mom will kick me out next year. My friends and all are staying home obviously so how do i go about with this and pay for soon college?
Anyone wants to share their experience please let me know!
by the way im going to be a junior...


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  • See your school counselor about getting help financially for college. They can help you more in this department, that's what they are for. Good luck! :)

  • In college making friends is easy if you dress well and act classy.