Is Jared Fogle eating fresh fresh or super fresh? (guilty or not guilty?)?

What do you think? You think x fat boy fresh sub eating Jared is guilty or not guilty?

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15 years 8 months. I think that is too little time.


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  • He's cooperating with authorities last time I checked so we don't know yet.

    • No guesses from the famous Bubbletrouble?

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    • *here* You're welcome

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  • Well he just said something really stupid
    until they find real shit, he isn't guilty, yes he is sick and stupid to say shit like that but, hey he isn't alone

    Politicians and old rich geezers are pedophiles who actually take advantage of young girls and never get caught
    there is a lot of pedophiles in positions of power

    He might very well be guilty... but we won't know for sure

    • What stupid thing did he say?

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    • Sorry to hear tha bro, i hope you have a loving and enjoyable Thanksgiving to

    • Thanks and thanks :)

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  • Boyyy them prisoners waiting for chance to him off with all kinds of 6 inches and foot longs. Jared got money and connections so he'll be safe they won't put him in general population cause that nigga will DIE in there realtalk you can only be "plugged" so much before keel over. Sooo he might actually be eating fresh in prison.

  • I think it's the FBI ruling him out as guilty by association. The other guy who was caught worked for the jared foundation, though was quickly terminated once he was found to be in possession of kiddy porn. The thing in America is innocent until proven guilty... I will wait for the results of the investigation, I'm not one to say he's guilty or not without evidence.

    • I agree but the irony of "eat fresh" would supply more jokes to the world.

    • Guilty wow!

  • he's deffo guilty! just look at him before he lost all that weight. looks like the typical pedo

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