Opinion on motorcycles?

I'm getting a motorcycle in the far fututre. My family disaproves due to the number of relatives either dead or half paralized due to them, but i now what my gut says, I was just wontering on your opinion. I'll most likely be getting a cruiser. But i'll liike to get experience on both sports bikes as well.

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i'm in love with the yamaha r6 and honda spirit 750


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  • My dad was in an accident whilst on his motorcycle years ago. Now he takes painkillers throughout the day, suffers almost constant pain when he doesn't and can't sit cross-legged. He was on crutches at one point and still sometimes uses a walking stick. I think he would use it more, but he thinks it makes him look old.

    Really think about your choice. I'm not saying don't do it, my dad could have been a shitty driver. Then again, it could have been someone else's fault. I don't really talk to him about the details. But yeah, do what you think is right.

    • I know mate my dad's brother died at the age of 20 due to an accident and my grandad is also half paralized living with pain killers. Though i'm still young and my opinion might change i think there some things you'l never change even if you wished so.

    • Sorry to hear about your uncle. And damn, half paralysed. Sounds like my dad got lucky! He nearly lost his leg though and was in hospital for aaaaages though D:

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  • i used to ride. really enjoyed it. its super fun. not very practical for all things, but its good to just get around.

    • what did you ride?

    • a honda shadow. not a sport bike. haha! i was never brave enough for that.

    • love the shadow, thought the spirit blue metallic is love

  • Like it sometimes but not something I would recommend as everyday transportation.

    Most of my uncles own one, and I think only one of them got in an accident and had to do surgery in neck or something.

    Be careful while drivng. And watch the speed limit.

    • thanks there is no chance i'll get one whilst in Cyprus due to the fact that the roads are crap and most of the drivers are trying hard to kill you

What Guys Said 2

  • I use to ride. You have to be a very defensive driver. Always anticipating.
    Before you get your bike when you're driving your car try to think or position yourself where only your head can be seen.
    Take a rider training course IF they have them in your country.

  • I've ridden over 150,000 miles on bikes. My considered opinion is nobody should ride a motorcycle who hasn't ridden a motorcycle at least 50,000 miles.

    • then how can you ride if you haven't ridden 50,000?

    • You can't. My point is it's very dangerous unless you have a good head and lots of experience and even then it's still dangerous. It's a wonderful sensation but there is a reason hospital employees call them donorcycles.

    • oh thanks mate