Why do I feel so lost and confused ever since I left home?

I was voted best to take home to your parents and most likely to succeed, in my senior yearbook and was class president. Im not bragging about that its just HS but in general was a good kid/ minor but since I really got into a different life style. I haven't gotten in any legal trouble in college but i picked up so many bad habits. I smoke weed, drink and drive often, and go out for a night in the town a bit too often. I still have my full ride to my college but whenever I go home or see someone who knew me as a kid they tell me they heard about how much I changed and never thought based on my past I would do this.


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  • This is because your desire to be a good kid was conditioned by your society and not a matter of personal choice. Once children reach adulthood they have to choose what they want to be. When you first encounter this stage of your life - you may be confused and may not make the best choices because you are used to other people making those choices for you - but if you engage in enough self-reflection you will find the strength within yourself to change for your sake and not for anybody elses - not to please your teachers or your parents or you friends or your professors - to please yourself and your God. This is when the final forming of your character is birthed.

    • Well I'm 3 years out from my HS years and have a 4.0 in college but to be honest when I graduate I just want to be a pot head and never work. I kinda feel ok with the thought of being a screw up. I've had my old HS friend's parents tell me it hurts seeing such a good kid change.

    • Well you may be naturally endowed with high intelligence which some people might think is a consequence of hard work but you have to live right. Do something that will benefit society. Become a doctor or a surgeon and give your life to saving others.

    • Right now I double major in business and accounting but I hate it. I go for free so I don't want to change then pay for school.

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  • It's a common issue with today's coddled youth.
    You are not given the ability to exist properly in society.
    You are raised to believe you can do anything and there is no consequence to your actions, therefore when you get into the real world where rules exist and NO is something you are expected to understand, you begin to loose sense of reality.

    Making bad choices is part of the never being told NO and everyone is a winner.
    In the real world bad choices have consequences and mommy and daddy can't make everything better.
    It is unfortunate that the bubble wrapped children are future of our society.

    • Well at 22 its hard looking back to those classes in 5th grade that warned us avoid dui's, don't do drugs, don't disrespect women, no sex without a condom etc. Cause in HS I told myself I won't do any of that. Well here I am lol.

  • its totally normal you will feel better soon.

    • I don't know i have searched for so long to find the answer to why I lost all motivation. I may drop out even though it's free for me to go cause I don't want to work I just want to sit on my bed and watch TV for the rest of my life. I've fought this feeling for 3 years and now its too much.

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