I blog for fun, how do people make money from blogs though?

I blog for fun, nothing serious. I don't do it for people to check out my page or anything. It's just a way to spend my time. A co worker said people actually make a little side money from blogging (not enough to live on or anything, but just a little side money). I was wondering how people make money from blogging? How does it work?


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  • Advertisements.
    Basically 99.99% of money generated by any page on the internet is funded by advertisements.
    Why do you think GAG is able to pay its staff and give out rewards to its users on a free website? Oh thats right. 90% of the page is adverts xD.

    • how do you get advertisements? Do they approach these bloggers or do the bloggers seek them?

    • Basically, Ad companies will only pay for sites that get traffic. By that i mean.
      If you have a blog, That is on your own website (You can't make money if you are blogging on someone elses site like tumblr or some shit xD). Basically, If you have your own website you blog on, And say, i dont know, You get 5 visitors a day, Chances are no ad company will pay you to put up an ad, It just isn't worth there money if so few people will see it.
      BUT, If you have the same website and blog, that gets 5000 views per day, Some add company would pay for it.
      You need to gain some serious popularity before you can make money, I mean look at this site for example, If there was only 5 members, No add company would pay them, But the fact there are thousands of members active daily, who spent hours of their lives on here every single day staring at ads, it makes ad companies pay for sites like this.
      To get add sponsors, You need some serious web traffic on your site im afriad ;S

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  • By having ads
    try adsense. com


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  • I have recently started a fashion blog from this theme www.templatemonster.com/.../monstroid2.html . And I'm planning to make money from it. Now when it has some traffic, it’s time to monetize it through affiliate marketing. I also want to collaborate with brands and publish sponsored blog posts.

  • Not sure but I would like to know