Am I making the right choice?

i am an indian male living in england and i have always liked caucasion women, some peopkle say caucasion women dont like Asian men, and i do see it, through personal experiences and seeing it physically too!, i see many caucasion women with black males but never woth asian/ indian. Because i like caucasion and have grown up in england from birth too this is what i like but nothing never comes my way so im thinking now if i can't have a caucation girlfriend/ partner then i dont want to know id rather be single :( I've never been in a relationship, dated, had sex so even if i chose this route i wouldn't be upset or hurt because you can't miss something you never had


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  • ok i get it u like white caucasians... but wot if u can't find one? there r tons of beautiful black/asian gals... so u should be kinda more openminded in my opinion :)

    • i get what you mean but its one of them though isn't it? you only go for what you like, i have tried looking at other ethnic groups but they dont float my boat

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    • hmm i dont know man I've given up now anyway lol i just keep telling myself im far to young to be in a relationship or have a girlfriend and i believe it haha im only 20 lol sad times!

    • Eh ok... u still got time... so no worries