Women do you enjoy the fact that you don't have to really do or be anything to date, and/or a bf/husband?

For those who think I'm complaining or whatever you can dismiss your lame ass from my question GaG has thousands of OTHER questions you can answer so go answer them then. You don't have to be funny, confident, have a real good personality, never have to be unfazed by rejection or even have to risk rejection. You don't have to have any money, never pay for dates, approach men, woo men, make them feel special etc. What's this blessed condition like?


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  • Lol wow so I can just be a corpse and guys will line up to marry me? Cool carrots!
    Bro first off cut that line about boyfriend and husbands... Then I can see what your saying...
    If I want a date, it's pretty easy, most guys aren't going to reject me, God... That sounds really bitchy of me... But I mean I have only been turned down a couple of times...
    I usually don't have to pay for dinner though I will always try to...
    Guys will very quickly ask me out without knowing the first thing about me... And it's kinda weird to be honest... I don't like it, makes the guy look shallow... And yeah I mean stuffs weird.
    But yeah... We got it easier. Of course it also comes with guys expecting things out of us... I mean I get your point though... But it's not so great in honesty.

  • You seem extremely bitter.
    It is like that for a lot of girls, but no way in hell it's like that for ALL girls.

    • So realizing the advantages people have over others is being bitter?

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    • But how's that being bitter? Most women do have that advantage.

    • It's how you worded it. And generalized. Some guys also have it really fucking easy. It all depends on the individual.

  • False.
    You can't just make such major assumptions about a group of total strangers whom you have never even truly gotten to know then try to proclaim to us what our journeys consist of. You sound either very delusional, unrealistic, or just plain bitter.

  • Well I've been doing it all wrong I guess. I approached the guy I'm dating now, and I make more money then he does, so I pay for almost everything. And I love to rub his head for him and kiss him all over and make him feel special. I can't imagine that any guy would want a girl like the one you describe. No good guy at least. Both people should bring something to the table.

    • I'm saying women don't have to do that to get a date. Men do.

    • To get a date as in meaningless sex? Yes you are right. But to get a boyfriend (a good one) or a husband (again, the one you want) then you are going to have to be a pretty special person. And it's not a blessing to have lots of guys that wants to just hookup. Most of us want a relationship

  • It doesn't quite work that way. The kind of guys I like to date have standards - on looks, personality, chemistry, being a good person, treating one another well, and even on education and job for some of them. So yeah, they don't just get with any girl.

    Like with most things, what you put into something affects how much you get out of it. If I put in no work/bad quality work, I get bad quality results. If I put in good quality work of my own, I get back good quality results too.

    • I'm saying that you don't have to have any of that and still get a date/bf/husband. I'm saying its not as required for women as it is men.

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    • @Asker : It's just you made it sound like we don't do anything at all, which is not true. We do have to do things and be a certain way if we want a relationship we can be happy in.

      If you're asking if there's an advantage to being a woman when it comes to dating, and getting sex especially, then yeah there is one. But I don't even want to have a ton of causal, meaningless sex, or a relationship with just anyone, so I don't really "enjoy" or make use of that advantage much. I mean, I'm sure it's still there to some degree, but it just depends who you're going for.

    • *casual

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  • You are complaining, but im gonna stick around and explain why you are, then ill go off to the "thousands of other questions"


    "You don't have to be funny, confident, have a real good personality, never have to be unfazed by rejection or even have to risk rejection. "

    i lol'd. Gosh dude, how low are your standards if you think a girl who isn't funny or confident is someone who is a good catch? A girl who can't take a joke, or who is constantly bitching about how she looks fat when she's really borderline anorexic is NOT attractive... at least not to me... and i certainly won't pursue a girl like this. The truth is that for guys with high standards, quality men, girls do have to put some work into it. If a girl im with can't put any work into our relationship, she is not worthy of me, and i would not date her. You might, because the pussy is powerful, but kings leave scraps for the peasantry, so all those lackluster women out there... they're all yours mate

    • Not complaining. I'm saying that women DON'T HAVE to be like that. I didn't say none of them aren't like that. Guys HAVE to be like that more so than women. And its like you said, pussy is powerful. So i was just asking did they enjoy this advantage. What's wrong with someone asking something that's true? What's wrong with acknowledging a advantage?

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    • More like you're looking out of a "WAAAAAHH WAAAAAHH WAAAAAH woe is meee, im a male... life SOOOO hard!!! waaaaaah!!!" but heh, who am i to judge xD.

      believe what you want. It's really guys like you that makes getting quality girls easier.. so i really should be thanking you come to think of it. Anyhow, take care

    • That's what you believe then that's that. I don't need to name call or say someone is doing this or that to make myself feel better.

  • I will admit, women can get sex anytime they want. Met a damn ugly, overweight British lady who had slept with 55 guys, and at the time I only had 2 under my belt. Then I realized the mountains guys have to climb with getting laid. But I think ugly girls have it worse than guys in terms of everything else.

    Firstly, those ugly girls sleep with all the desperate men who can't get women, and its all pointless (no love or true sexual attraction). Men can get this too...

    Then a guy can get rich, can get more outgoing, lose weight etc and a girl will like him. Women are not as attracted to physical looks as much as men. Power is to a girl, what looks are to a guy. An example: every dude will give the hottie at a club a shag, but only a few guys will go for an accomplished women like Oprah.

    So in terms of all those deeper things like "Husbands", "Soulmates" etc, I think ugly women have it worse because they won't get that hot successful guy either. Going back to that British lady, I met her with two other women. The one girl was drop dead gorgeous and she was chatting to my football star of a brother. Ugly girl could get sex, but not from my brother who she would have preferred over me.

    • Not really or it must be like that in the UK. Over here in the states, guys will lower standards for sex. This makes the ugly and/or fat women standards go up and completely screws over guys who are fat and/or ugly just like them. Attractive women completely control their relationships and decide when they will have sex and make guys jump through all types of hoops to get it. So in the meantime while a guy is waiting for the more attractive girl to come along, he can go easily get sex from a lesser attractive girl. Not all guys do that but a lot do.

    • Dude, Im South African that has lived in UK and Australia. I've seen it all. Yes, men drop their standards to get laid. I do it too. In fact, I have a really hot body and still can't get the women I want (hence I know personality is key to everything) and I have been that guy who shags 6's and 7's, while the other guys get the 9's and 10's. So yes, I am that guy screwing over the fat guys. BUT, what I am trying to say is that a guy doesn't have to stay in this. You can work to get rich or lose weight and get in on the game. Stop waiting, and start playing. I havnt attracted the hottest girls but I have been having fun with other girls (even having 3somes and stuff). And I am finding some of these girls could be my soulmate or marriage material because we think a like and have fun. But you need to get out there and solve your problems.

  • Yeah, I always envy women for having it so easy in dating and relationships. But they have plenty of other issues to deal with, so there's no way I'd trade my gender. Apart from dating and relationships, I feel being a man has it's upsides.

    • What upside?

    • Lots. We are usually physically stronger, don't have to go through periods and the extreme pain of childbirth, we aren't judged as harshly as women if we are ugly looking etc. Just a few examples.

  • You'd marry a chick who wasn't funny and had a shitty personality? You must have really low standards.

    I don't waste my time on chicks who don't make me feel special.

    • my thoughts exactly...

    • Never said I would. I was saying that women don't have to have to be like that to date marry etc. A guy unless he's rich or super attractive HAS to have that.

    • The only women that can score a husband without personality, a sense of humor, financial expectations, or fear of rejection are the elite level beautiful perfect 10 women, and they have a small window where their looks can be maintained at the necessary level to accomplish this (after which they DO start fearing rejection).

      Average looking and even just decently pretty women don't get proposed to without bringing something else to the relationship.

      They have to be born with those perfect physical traits, by the way, and they're far less common than men with the amount of money required to pull the same stunt.

      And the two groups frequently wind up together, by the way.

  • You're a nice guy, but, aren't you?

  • Well but lets say said girl is not drop dead gorgeous, she won't get attention AT ALL. I still think we men have it harder in dating BUT some women actually have it hard too

  • Only attractive girls. Same as males. It's not easy for everyone else

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    • Like she said ^^ you sound extremely bitter

    • LOL! okay whatever makes you feel right.