Is she jealous of me? Why would she try to prevent me from presenting?

I was in this group, and was stuck in traffic on the day of the presentation.

This girl kept behaving as though it was the end of the world, which it wasn't. I was told to pay her no mind.

When I got there, after happily rehearsing for my part, when I went into present, this guy was actually about to steal my part. In front of everyone.

The first slide he let me present, and he almost took the second slide.

I was so stunned. I presented my part anyway, and after class asked him if he forgot it was mine, and he replied, 'yeah we hadn't practiced,' which is a bullshit excuse and he knows it.

The other girl in my group is really quiet, barely says a word, and is not comparable to me. She was well aware he was going to behave like this and didn't stop it. If anything, the next day she reacted by sitting at the other end of class, (isn't she mature?) knowing I was fucking pissed at her.

When I saw her walking, she purposely said,'Hi, 'EMPHASIS on my name',' in a smirking kind of way. It was definitely to provoke me, I just paid her no attention.

It got me wondering, was she jealous that if I presented I'd get all the attention and she'd get nothing? That's why they plotted to not let me present?


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  • Lmfao..
    I don't know.. That's a kind of weird conclusion.
    If she was afraid she'd get nothing then why did she want the guy to present and not her?
    Kinda confused.

    • She's not a good presenter at all.

      I think she just didn't want all the attention to go towards me, (I'm an excellent presenter), and everyone gushing about how well I did.

      If she presented my parts vs. the guy, it would have no bearing on how people perceive her, she's not good either way.

    • Why do you assume she's jealous of you?
      Maybe she just doesn't like you.
      Anyways.. I don't think that's it.
      But alrighty.

    • Okay then why is she purposely trying to provoke me?

      She seriously likes singling me out. For example when I was trying to point out that boy did nothing, she was like, 'well, his friend should be the one to tell him that, not you,' and I was like what the hell? I don't know she likes putting me down.