Time to Brag!! What Bragging Rights Do You Want the World to Know?

It's not everyday you get to brag about yourself, so like one of the fish on Spongebob said,"What makes you so special? "

For me, I am in college, I'm one heck of an awesome drum player, i have a delicious figure and am curved and slightly jiggly in all the right places. I overly qualified for my college with my entry score of 200 , when the requirement was 90+, i can sing very well, I'm always elected as the representing speaker in my groups. I've been writing both stories and music since i was 4. I'm a well-loved actress (in my old church). I was a minor celebrity at my old school. I volunteered at the SPCA here and have great connections with the CEO there.


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  • Well, if you insist...
    I went through high school as the top guy academically in my grade and in the top 7% overall. I self-taught myself bass clarinet, then drums, then bass, then guitar. Then I became the drummer for the jazz band, drummer for the school band, then got the most valuable / leader award for band. Since then, I've been writing music and attempting to look for a good rock band to join.
    For art, I went through high school with each year going to state competition. I got first place in district junior year for a bird which took 40 hours to make. Then I was given an award for art student of the year as a senior.
    In cross country, I got most improved award at my school senior year and an award senior year for leading the team. Went from an 11:39 mile to a 5:25 mile (granted-- a lot of pain and torture was required for that).
    In theatre, I did tech throughout high school and operated all the tech stuff for the lightboard by myself (small school and no volunteers). Got various awards for that.
    Got accepted into UT Austin in computer science. Played guitar for a local musical.

    Geez, I bragged a lot. I feel like a conceited dude now. Sorry about that. That was kind of arrogant. 😅

    • No don't feel that way. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and I'm very sure you have more to come.
      I'm proud of you because you're not being lazy and wasting your life away do pointless things all your life. Kudos!!

    • Wow, thanks for the kind words :) Your accomplishments were very impressive too!

      Thanks for MHO!

    • Idky we're shouting , but thank u too!!! Lol and you're welcome. You definitely earned it. :)

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  • I am dating a wonderfully sweet and loving woman who is affectionate, extremely intelligent, and very funny. (And CUTE!)

    • Finding that special someone is definitely something to brag about. I'm genuinely very happy for you. Make sure you're treating her right. Congratulations! 👊

    • I treat her like a queen!

    • That's beautiful ❤

  • Ok...
    - I have never been a patient at a hospital (born in a house).
    - I have never broken a bone, i'm pretty sure i'm invincible.
    - I am a skilled wood worker
    - I play five instruments, 2 of those very well.
    - I have been to 53% of all european countries
    - I am one hardcore backcountry camper
    - I dress a man.
    - I have kept a journal of all the trips i have been on so that i can retell them to my grandchildren and be the coolest grandfather ever.
    - i may or may not be wanted by Interpol...

    • Well dang, look at you! *high fives* I would love to travel someday, but only around the US. I wish i was one of your future grandkids so i could hear your stories. :p Congratulations on all that you have accomplished!

    • Oh geez! I meant "I dress like a man" not "i dress a man".

    • Lol
      I figured that's what u meant

  • I am gloriously average.

  • I find gloating and bragging to be rather crass.

  • I can fly and manipulate metal. I can also stop time and I'm very good at lying. ;)

    • Lol well u could have lied about lying...
      Who knows, maybe u did do all that stuff? :p

    • I like the way you think. :D

    • XD why thank u

  • I have nothing to brag about My life sucks

    • Not even true. You're breathing, you're alive... not a lot of people can say that. You're probably breathing on your own, you're not in the hospital... dude, you have something to say!

    • How is that even a bragging right.

    • You'll figure it out someday, and when you do, you can brag about that too ;)

  • I have came 3 times all within an hour

    • Uh... well i did say what makes u special, so congratulations Lol

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