A man walks up to you in public. He drops a briefcase by you, and tells you in a Russian accent "60 seconds or your life." How do you respond?

This is from 2013, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. VitalyzedTv, a group of pranksters who do YouTube videos and such, made a bombscare prank.
It goes like this: A man in a suit with slicked back hair and a briefcase is on his phone talking about the "location." He has a thick Russian accent. He walks up to you as you are sitting at a cafe or bench and drops a briefcase by you. He looks at you and says "60 seconds or your life." He then starts to walk away a little hurriedly.
How do you respond to this?

  • Do nothing-- I'm sure it is just an empty briefcase.
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  • Get away-- I'm just going to walk away casually. Erm, play it cool. No big deal.
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  • Get away and warn others-- I'm backing off, but I better warn others once I'm far enough away.
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  • Sprint away-- I'm not taking any chances. I'm saving myself and sprinting in any direction.
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  • Throw brief case away -- "Out of sight, out of mind"
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  • Beat this guy up-- For the public good.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Walk away. Definitely

    • Like a casual walk away (like B)?
      Or like a "I got to get out of here fast" walk (like D)?

    • I'm not sure? It depends on how threatening/urgent/real the guy seemed. If he just seemed like a weirdo, then B. If it seemed legit, then D.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Blink, watch him for a moment, look down at the brief case, frown, then by the time I start thinking about whether or not he was joking the sixty seconds would have been up.
    Then boom.

  • In a Russian accent, calls Boris
    'Boris, get rid of the body'

  • i would do nothing.


What Guys Said 2

  • Throw a briefcase back at him.

  • Hit him over the head with the brief case (cartoon style) kick him in the groin and restrain him using the zip ties i have in my pocket.

    • You would hit him over the head with a brief case that holds a potential bomb in it? Wouldn't that be kind of risky?

    • And bam. Loop hole in your logic.

    • Hmm, good point.