Ad Service That Won't Piss Off?

No, this is not really a question for GAG but people actually reply to questions here in a time frame that I am happy with.

I am constantly getting ads from this service called Couponi. I have tried finding it in my programs and it's not there. I've tried finding it in my program files, it's not there.
I've gone into my adons for Chrome, explorer and Firefox. Everything is normal in all three (or is now) but still the ads pop up.
It's interfering with google, I'll search something, say, pink lillies, and above the actual google responses will be 'ads be Couponi' and then those alternative search engines, saying things like 'find results for pink lillies here!'.

I've been dealing with it the last couple of weeks, but I am seriously jacked with it now.

Does anyone know how to get rid of it?
I have looked it up and followed the steps, but there are a few adons in explorer that I can't budge. I have made everything normal in Chrome (my main browser). I've tried using the windows task manager, but that's useless.

I have tried everything I can think of.



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  • Question. Did you download anything suspicious from the internet recently?
    And also did you check the currently running programs to make sure everything running is stuff you recognize?

    • Most I've downloaded that I can think of is a few pictures (using save as) and a few youtube videos. If it were the videos though I would have ended up with the thing months ago.
      Other than a few PDF files from official school and government sites, I haven't downloaded anything else.

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    • Now you'll need to do the same in internet explorer and each web browser you have

    • Oh, and be aware that the adware program may still on your computer somewhere if you haven't officially deleted it yet. For macs, usually the adware is named stuff like "Mac Helper" to try and trick you. If you are worried about the adware being somewhere on your system, I suggest finding a LEGIT anti-adware/anti-virus program to clean out your system.

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  • Have you searched your browser's extensions? Maybe you can remove it from there. You can also go on Control Panel ---> Programs and Features ---> Delete anything that looks suspicious named Couponi.