What kind of bags can you pack your electronics in for going through the airport?

So i'm not so sure what i can use to pack my adapters and what not in, some people say that cosmetics and zip-lock bags are okie to do that with but i'm feeling very unsure about it, i also have this great idea about using a lunch bag, like one of those waterproof ones with the foil inside that you can fold up when not in use, i bought one incase id be taking food on the plane but we are taking a more later flight around 3pm there and then coming back, is this aloud at all? or would they just confiscate it because of the foil inside?, i bought some cheaper PVC bags that can be used for lots of things really, i mean they are good quality but the PVC is more thin and doesn't offer much padding to protect my adapters and stuff but the lunch bag does, what kinds of things do you guys use too?

I will be packing it in my backpack aka carry on i know that your not supposed to put it in you suitcase, i already know this, what i'm asking is can i use a cosmetics bag? can i used the lunch bag to store them? and what kinds of things do you use too that has been fine when going through security?
Also it doesn't tell you on the websites about these things, i'm asking you if a cosmetics bag is fine when you have gone through security with your electronics in them? and if any of you have ever used anything else that you have never had any problems with, it doesn't tell you everything online and the airpirts and staff can vary still, i'm not asking you for advise of where to look lol.


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  • Go to your carrier's website and look up restrictions.

  • Take any electronic device in your carry on!!! I know so many stories when they check your suitcase they steal and they're not responsible for any stolen items. So put them in a ziplock baggy in your carry on bag you're taking on the plane with you.

    • Yes i know they have to go in my carry-on, what i'm asking is can i use a cosmtics bag or one of those fold up lunch bags to store my adapters, wires and stuff like that in them? and have you used anything else to store them? some people like to separate them and it does make things easier in the event they need to check your bag because they will be pulling everything out, i know a zip-lock baggy works but it just doesn't offer great protection.

    • You can use anything really. I used a zip lock baggy, a cosmtics bag works really well too