Why don't you care to write well?

I realize this place isn't teeming with geniuses, but it's surprising to what extent simple words and sentences get butchered on here. So that's my question: Why don't you care? There's no way around coming off as a degenerate retard when you communicate like one, so why not put some effort into it and make a better impression?

Genuinely interested in what you have to say.


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  • i dont care about the way most people type here unless it makes no sense at all.

    i remember once i was typing in abbreviations or a lack of apostrophes as i do online, and this chick started going off about my English lmao. i didn't need to justify myself but i let her know anyway that i am doing an English major so I'm no retard.

    so iv come to the following conclusion. people who spell/write kinda dodgy are either:

    - non-fluent English speakers
    -using shortened versions to type faster
    - not as educated as they could be with things like the difference between your/you're.
    -they're trolling to get attention.

    • OK, I'll assume that you as an English major have read enough to have decent grammar and all that, so your reason is to type faster. How much time do you think you save, realistically, by not capitalizing words, skipping some apostrophes and writing things like 'iv'? It can't be more than a very few seconds for the whole answer, and what I'm wondering is why is that worth it? I mean especially as an English major, why don't you feel like investing 3 more seconds into the language you're choosing to spend years studying? I'm certain this comes off as patronizing but really I'm just curious.

      Also honestly how educated do you have to be to know the difference between your/you're or they're/there/their? That's grade school level, there's hardly an excuse for it apart from total carelessness.

    • eh, doesn't matter. i dont feel the need to write as well as i could. i can type like shit if i wanna, and i can also type like a pro if i wanna. if anyone has a problem with that, they can kiss my ass.

      nah iv come across many people like u in the time iv been here saying the same thing so it never bothers me. if u open urself up a little, a lot of people here actually wouldn't know the difference if u asked.

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  • I don't care. I know a lot of people are typing things out in English - NOT their first language. I also know people are using gadgets and don't have the space or comfort to type things out as they would with a keyboard. Other times, I just figure meh.. it's online and people just text speak to be comfortable.

    Personally, I take pride in my writing. I'm almost always at my PC because I'm writing other things while I am on here. But what does grate on me is when people can't break things up in to paragraphs to make it easier on our poor eyes.

    How do people expect to get help when they ask for it, if their entire problem is welded together in one wall of text?

  • Lol @ "there are a lot of foreign users" excuse, since majority of terrible grammar is produced by native English speakers.

    I try to write properly to the best of my knowledge, both in my native tongue and in English. I just don't see the appeal in coming off as illiterate.

    • "majority of terrible grammar is produced by native English speakers."

      Haha. So true. :)

    • @detlef

      It's such a bizarre phenomenon. Every job I've ever work at, native English folks asked ME to tell them how to spell THEIR words or they didn't know the meaning of certain commonly used words.

    • Yeah, I've actually experienced that too, in a different way, as a non-native German speaker among Germans. They would ask me things about German grammar. I think the difference is how you learn the language. If you learn it as a foreign language, you can gain insights and info which natives never achieve. Non-natives have to learn the language from the ground up, basically. :)

  • There are a lot of mobile users and GaG messes with spellcheck. The typos that I've found in my own posts! Terrifying.

    And then some people really don't know what they're doing and other people are lazy. It just depends on the individual.

  • -Honestly not doing it on purpose (ignorant of proper English grammar and spelling)
    -Doing it on purpose to seem cool
    -Doing it on purpose to make fun of the middle two
    -Dont give to F***s what people r thinken

  • well! great amount of users are from foreign countries where English is NOT their native language

  • there are a lot of foreign users


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  • Well I am a writer and a poet, so I know how to write well and use proper grammar and punctuation, English. I just prefer to be lax when it comes to writing on media websites, I mean it's not like when I am actually writing which at that point it matters.

    You must also realize that some people on here use a cellphone to get on the website, and the retarded spell-check and small buttons make it hard to write well. And sometimes you just are typing fast and you accidentally misspell something or miss something punctuation wise. It is simply not worth getting bent out of shape about, now if you are writing a letter or something then no excuse there, but on here I do not care.

    • You should share one of your poems here

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    • The Sealed Kindgom ( original )

      The sealed Kingdom in a horrifying place

      Were the Werewolves howl chills the blood and sends ripples of fear down your spine,

      A place that never sees the light but always the dead of night

      A place were the screams of the damned echo through the spectral wind,

      A wind that never feels warm but always an unnatural cold

      Like death itself is imbued within it, and as the darkest part of the eternal night approaches

      The moon rises over the Fortress of the Condemned

      And gleams its dreary light upon the Kingdom making the land glow a ghastly silver,

      Just light enough to see were you are going

      But faint enough to not see what's hidden in the in the shadows, in the darkness the Birthplace of evil Land of eternal darkness

      This is the sealed Kingdom forever drenched in shadow

  • English is not my primary language so my writing may have some errors in it from time to time. That or I'm on my phone where it's easier to make mistakes.

    • And of course that's understandable, though clearly for this answer considering the question you took maybe a few seconds more to make sure what you wrote was correct and it seems to me like it was worth it, but correct me if I'm wrong. English isn't my first language either so I can empathize, but some people clearly cross the line towards carelessness.

    • Yeah, I understand your meaning. Sometimes I cringe when I'm conversing with some Anglo - fellow from either the UK, US, Australia or wherever and they put forward sub par English that I may have wielded when I was twelve years of age.

  • People figure it's not worth the effort because it's 'just the internet' and that if you do care you're a nobody/neckbeard/grammar Nazi.

    These are like the same people who can't find jobs because their resumes and covering letters are littered with appalling English.

  • I actually think they just think they are piecing the pieces of language together correctly,, even though they really don't. It's like when you have someone on your programming team who thinks they are doing great a good job, but everything they write is unreadable and doesn't even work. They are unaware of their lack of skill, or just don't know how to fix it.

    • Yeah, I don't think that's it. I think they just don't take a minute to reread what they wrote and think about it before posting it. That's all it would take in most cases to realize how wrong it all is.

    • Ah I don't really reread it either only while it is being posted or while I am writing it, and then autocorrect can screw things up real badly. But autocorrect doesn't mess up basic structure. Sometimes it replaces hell with he'll or vice versa, but that is all.

  • I had diarrhea once, it was awful.

  • putting a comma and a period does not make you smart at all... in fact anyone who actually bitches about this i know isn't actually all that intelligent

    maybe they're an English major or something... but that doesn't mean they are smart

    people with math and science degrees have pretty terrible grammar... because grammar is literally 100% useless as long as you get the message across who cares

    • One of my doctors was writing out a prescription for me and couldn't even spell the word "daily". Don't think that didn't worry me.

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    • Well most communication nowadays is in written form. People communicate by email with friend, at work, etc, and the rest is usually done through some form of texting. Even if I've talked to someone in person, if they don't invest the 4 seconds it takes to write a complete sentence on their phone when they text me, they will absolutely and immediately come off as a moron. Or at LEAST as careless. So again, why not care more? It's a minuscule effort.

    • because it doesn't matter... anything i have to have professionally written someone else does it for me... engineers are too valuable for companies to make them waste time and use proper grammar