I ran into some financial problems... anyone know how to raise 5,000 us dollars in a month?

rest assured everything about what i just asked is legal lol
i simply ran into a bind since i dont work because im a full time student that takes like 18 units a semester.
kinda dont have time for a job... so any suggestions would be amazing lol


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  • sell your body to high class clientele
    become a professional booster
    start a gofundme account
    check fraud

    • I've never even heard of a gofundme account whats that... minus the obvious lol

    • gofundme. com/z6x2azc

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  • Apply for a loan or start a go fund me account


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  • That is a serious problem there, most Americans don't even make 5k a month let alone try to raise 5k. Unless you ask your parents and relatives to pool in, I don't see much option for you to pull in 5k in a month.

    You can try selling your body to some "clientele" LOL
    You can try door to door and beg for money. But since you don't have time for a job, that isn't an option for you either.

    Your last option is probably get a credit card that allows 5k. Even then I wouldn't advise it unless you owe loan shark the money.