Is there any possible way?

My current Set up is this (Duplicated screens
Is there any possible way?
How can i get it to look like the Extended to show like it is below this text?

Is there a possible way that i can do it? if so please Please tell me step by step on how to do it if it is at all possible


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  • For Windows 8.1
    1. Press Window Key to go to search box.
    2. Write here "Project"
    3. Click on "Project to a second screen" in results shown.
    4. Now you have 4 options.
    5. Select "Extend" from them.
    It should now be fine as you want.

    • I've done that but i just need a little help to see if i can project a movie on both and have it split in the middle almost like you are at the cinema

    • PM me for further help

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