What to do when you hate yourself?

Well, I'm in my self-loathing state of mind yet again. (yay)
How do I deflect the negative thoughts?


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  • Go do something positive for the world so you can feel better about yourself. Go hug somebody or volunteer at a soup kitchen. This might not be a bandaid solution but over time - it will incrementally build up your confidence until you no longer have any negative feelings about yourself that you shouldn't have.


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  • You shut the fuck up. I'm being serious, get mad at yourself for thinking that way. Put on some music to motivate you at stop you from thinking. Go outside and enjoy the sun and the fresh breeze. Start thinking more positive, even if you don't believe it at first, just keep on saying, repeat it, repeat it, and keep on repeating positive messages.
    Watch a movie or a show that will make you laugh. Go out to the gym, work out.

    You have to do something that keeps your mind active and concentrated on something besides those stupid hateful thoughts.
    I was like you, hated myself and cried many nights, thought of... well, you know, and now I'm much better cause I've reminded myself how fucking awesome I am. I've repeated that so much that now I believe it.

    You can seek help on a therapist too, they will help you a lot. I've never gone to one but many people say it's very helpful.

    • Great advice, good to know that I'm not the only one who hates/hated herself :)

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    • Thanks, I don't believe in giving up hope. Ever.
      So.. Just pray I'll succeed :D

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Because you live in Scotland, its a side effect of living there. Like cravings for haggis and whiskey

    • The craving for haggis is unbearable. I've found myself up at 3am listening to hardcore scottish folk songs, just.. stuffing.. my face with neeps and tatties. my haggis munching days are numbered if I keep going down this dark path

    • Haha nice sense of humor, but seriously to answer your question, I have the same problem as you, though it was a little extreme and I ended up having to go on medication and attend CBT course, the course is good for looking at the way we think and why we reflect negatively on stuff, how it in turn can lead to destructive behaviours and how to change it.