How shall I fix pixels in word?

whichever pic i chose from the internet it is always pixelated, i tried to fix it online but failed. i don't know how to use photoshop. any suggestions?


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  • The picture is pixelated because its a low resolution.

    Like, Obviously some pictures are naturally bigger then other, And when you stretch small pictures to the size of big pictures, The pixels need to get bigger, Thus making them appear so you can see individual pixels, It is impossible to ''Unpixelate'' an image unless you have some SERIOUS multimillion £$££$ tech.

    All you can do is find a bigger image. You can go on google images and click ''Search tools'' just under the search option, And then click size and select a larger size, and it will only show you bigger pictures. Then when you find a picture you want, Click on it, Then click ''view image'' on the black box that appears, And then use the picture that comes up ;)


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  • Click on Picture and download its full size, don`t just download their icons, This will help.


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