If you could erase one of the seven deadly sins from the world, which would you choose?

If you could erase one of the seven deadly sins from the world, which would you choose?

  • Pride
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  • Envy
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  • Gluttony
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  • Wrath
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  • Greed
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  • Sloth
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  • Lust
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  • ... Um... none.
    They all exist in our emotional makeup for a reason.
    Pride in one's own abilities and actions is the reward for having achieved.
    Envy spurs us to better ourselved and achieve.
    Gluttony, and the pleasure of eating is the reward for haveing been able to aquire the food.
    Wrath works to provide a society with the simplest form of jusstice, and without it justice often fails.
    Greed.. is perhaps the most redundant, but if we do not protect what we have we will loose it, through carelessness or the actons of others.
    Sloth, without it the 'haves' would never stop, and the 'have nots' would never have an opportunity.
    Lust helps people get together for long enough for love to develope.

    They are each important, and while an imballance of them, on an individual level or societal, can cause serious issues, the removal of any one of them would cause society to collapse... thats why they are all in us.


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  • Tbh, all these exist for a reason and if it's proportionate, it's okay. But if I had to choose, I'd choose greed.

  • Greed, seems to be the most of the problem in the world. So I chose that one.

  • I said Pride. I personally can't stand it when people get too prideful and brag about themselves all the time. However, I know we couldn't live without all seven sins. But, if there were a way to get rid of one, it'd be Pride.

  • Definitely Sloth...

  • I'd say Greed. Cause greed can make people do terrible things.

  • Pride and Lust

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